Redtenbacher’s Funkestra

Do you like funk? You probably love funk and you wear polyester bell bottoms, Bootsy Collins sunglasses in oversize, and hair picks. You may live in Brooklyn or London’s East End, and you have a romanticized reverence for past eras. There is a good chance that you are not an Austrian musician who has moved to London via Salzburg, Vienna and Boston. Yet, this is exactly what Stefan Redtenbacher really is: an anachronism and a defiant destroyer of the pigeon hole. Stefan Redtenbacher is an Austrian-bred funk fiend who lives in London. He delivers “out-and out spectacular funk” (Snowboy), or as UK Bass Guitar Magazine puts it, “a near perfect slice jazz-funk from one Europe’s greatest players.” Redtenbacher was raised in Salzburg, Austria by Herbie Hancock. The genius knew that he enjoyed the deep bass sound coming from the speakers as a child after he had played the recorder and hated it. After graduating from business school, Stefan continued his passion for bass music at the prestigious Vienna Music Conservatory in Austria. He then attended Berklee College in Boston. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, also known as RB Funkestra, was his next move to Europe. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra strikes a perfect balance between energetic arrangements and fiery solos. They are a joy to be around, and they never fail to delight with their original mix of jazz, soul, and funk. Redtenbacher is the bandleader, writer, and bass player. Eran Kendler (guitar), Rob Taggart, Rob Taggart, Jim Hunt (sax), and Sid Gault are the other members of the core sextet. Their records also feature Funk legends such as Fred Wesley (James Brown and Parliament), Eran Kendler (guitar), Rob Taggart (keys), Jim Hunt (sax), and Leny Pickett (Tower of Power), as well as Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), Eric Krasno(Soulive/Lettuce), and Leny Pickett (tenor saxophonist), as well as the best horn sections of the vibrant London jazz and a, Incognito, Brand New Heavies and Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads, Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads, Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads, Michael B. Nelson’s Hornheads and Michael B. They have four albums to their credit and two more releases are planned for spring 2013. The funky Christmas EP drops November 15, featuring a ’60s Boogaloo, bossanova and happy-go-lucky big band approach that spans funky ’70s disco to contemporary breakbeat. The group’s fifth instrumental release, “The Cooker,” was released in March 2013. The group’s distinctive brand of funk is further forged by “The Cooker”, which features a powerful horn section and retro-tinged recording. It includes everything from Parliament-esque ministrations, to funk fusion, to funk fusion. Stefan Redtenbacher’s funk style is far different from the Austrian oom-pah pah he grew to love in his home country. Redtenbacher loves strudel, but he prefers the funk. Redtenbacher’s Funkestra is his rare culmination of living and studying funk across two continents, and through many generations of bass-loving. He is now a master of funk that defies classification and borders. It’s his own funk. from

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