Refugee Trio

The refuge trio includes Theo Bleckmann as vocalist, John Hollenbeck as drummer, and Gary Versace as keyboardist. Bleckmann, Hollenbeck possess enough jazz, new-music and cabaret chops to move the music any way they like, while Versace is making big noise with his Hammond organ. The name of the New Yorker Refuge Trio is derived from the Joni Mitchell song, “Refugee of the Roads.” The trio formed to perform at the Wall-to-Wall Joni Mitchell Marathon Concert at Symphony Space, NYC in 2002. They have been exploring delicate, playful music with mystery u0026 exuberance ever since. They also play an important role in the ensembles of Laurie Anderson and Meredith Monk, Bob Brookmeyer (John Scofield), Maria Schneider (Mari Schneider) and John Scofield (John Scofield). With their music and spirit, the Refuge trio create a transformative experience. All About Jazz

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