Renza Bô

Since almost nine years, Renza Bo has been creating a jazz music that is original, bold, and sensitive. Pierre Millet is the trumpet player. Their repertoire includes a wide range of music pieces and musical moods. Renza-Bo has made it this far with three albums produced by le Petit label » in 2007, 2008, and 2009. They were all highly praised by the public and critics. In september, two more albums will be released (one studio and one live). Renza-Bo has performed many concerts in France at major jazz clubs and festivals such as Le petit faucheux (Sunside), La Malterie (Cream jazz club), Jazz sous les pommiers (Jazz a Vienne), Banlieues Bleues (Festival de Montpellier…) Pierre Millet(Trumpet), Yann Leort (Tenor saxophone), Francois Chersnel (“Piano”), Antoine Simoni (“Double Bass”), etin (Drums), etin (Drums), etin) etin (Drums), etin)

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