Repertory Quartet

Jesper Lundgaard, a Danish bassist, formed The Repertory Quartet in 1994 to create a CD in tribute to Thad Jones. Other members included guitarist Jacob Fischer and drummer Alex Riel, as well as Bob Rockwell, tenor saxophonist. “This Bass Was Made for Walking” was a huge success. The quartet quickly became one of the most prominent groups in Danish jazz, and it is still so. The group released three more CDs in 1995 and 1996 with Thad Jones’ music. The group recorded four more CDs with music by Thad Jones, Bill Evans and Fats Waller. Alex Riel was replaced by Keith Copeland later on. In 1997, the group recorded a second CD with music by Duke Ellington as the main theme. In 1999 pianist Ole Kock Hansen replaced guitarist Jacob Fischer.

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