Restroy, led by Christopher Dammann (bassist), is a frisson for transformation that explores the intersection of contemporary American music and improvised music. Restroy uses music to connect, dissect and evolve musical traditions, in order to create a common tongue, foster communication, and encourage metamorphosis among listeners and participants. Restroy’s 2018 self-titled cassettee/CD on 1980 Records uses patterns and textures to facilitate improvisation. Each track features acoustic instruments juxtaposed with electronic noises and drones. It is a lyrical, exuberant series of inflections and layered sonic space that is anchored by Avreeayl R. Aimee McDavitt created the cover art. The sextet includes top musicians from many musical traditions. Scott Clark will fill in for Avreeyl at Restroy’s May 15th performance at Bridge PAI. Restroy’s 2016 album, Saturn Return (Milk Factory Productions), was deemed “unusual but accessible” (, and “consistently innovative” (Bruce Lee Gallanter (DMG), as well as “a new sound which needs to be closely followed” ( Saturn Return was covered in national media and radio, including New York Public Radio‚Äôs New Sound podcast. from

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