Rêve D’éléphant Orchestra

The 2000-born band has released four CDs on W.E.R.F: Racines du Ciel and Lobster Caravan. Pourquoi pas un scampi? Odyssee 14 Reve d’Elephant Orchestra’, an ensemble from Belgium… This title is appropriate because it’s a little surrealistic. Also, Belgium, both for its internal politics and artistic reasons, is very close to surrealism. The music of this seven-member band is a joyous, joyful, generous, free and unrestrained. This band is a joy to listen to. The band’s music is a pleasant surprise. It’s open to many influences and bounces and swings quite naturally. Nothing is artificial to me. Musicians today have the ability to take a little bit of everything, and sometimes it is just boring copy-paste. It is not world music. This is jazz because it uses many sources. However, I don’t believe it takes anything from “world music”. It is just a state of mind. Reve d’Elephant Orchestra is available in three formats: * as an instrumental septet, (new project and line up) * as a septet with two guest vocalists (Odyssee 14, REPercussion). Line-up septet PIERRE BEERNARD flutes MICHEL DEBRULLE Drums, Binche bigdrum NICOLAS DECHENE guitarists CHRISTIAN AltelhulSHORST trumpets MICHELMASSOT ephonium, sousaphone trombone, trombone, trombone, voice, trombone, trombone, trombone, trombone, and eaphone, trombone, trombone, eaphone, and sousaphone, trombone and eaphone, e, eaphone, trombone, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, e, d’s from https://en. LOUIS FRERES bass guitar STEPHAN POUGIN bodhran, tupan, congas, darbuka, drums from https://en.collectifdulion.com

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