Rex Shepherd

Rex Shepherd has created a niche with original music that combines elements of jazz improvisation with harmony. His approach to playing the guitar heavily influenced by different players like Robin Trower, Fred Frith and Ravi Shankar. Shepherd’s music has been described as “Robin Trwer meets Miles Davis”. It includes traditional jazz tunes as well as instrumental rock songs. There is also a lot of sound experimentation with altered and effected instruments like the Theremin and oceanharp. Shepherd’s No End of Now band is made up of some of the most talented musicians he can find. The project is driven by rough song ideas and there are no restrictions on how the players can express their music. Shepherd’s influences include John Cage to Wayne Shorter. Shepherd’s compositions often draw on people, literature, and other art forms that are significant in his life. “I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with great musicians. It’s amazing how music can sound different depending on the personalities of the other players at any given time. It’s fluid to play with a group. When everyone is listening and then responding, it becomes intuitive and ethereal. This is the closest thing I have ever experienced to telecommunication. It’s almost the same thing when I play solo. I respond to my inner voices and emotional impulses in an meditative way. I don’t practice technique much unless I find a specific thing that I like to use to express my ideas. I believe that whatever technique I use, I can bring out my best musical ideas. Jim Hall is one of my biggest influences. I can only hope to get a fraction of his melody. “I play what I like and don’t want anyone to copy me, but I do a fairly good impression of myself most days.”

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