Reza Khan

Khan was born into a musical family in Bangladesh. His father, a composer, poet, and instrumentalist, gave Khan and his brothers a solid foundation in Indian classical music. Khan was trained in Indian drumming from age eight to nine. However, Khan’s musical life was forever changed when his brother brought home a bootleg copy Frampton Comes Alive. Khan was introduced to American pop/rock, including Eagles, Grand Funk, and America. He embraced the guitar as his primary instrument and put aside his tabla, sitar, and sarod training. Pat Metheny, The Rippingtons and Acoustic Alchemy were his later influences. They “made me want make myself better and more musically skilled”, and also influenced him to learn how to play the guitar. Khan founded his first band, Yours sincerely, in Dhaka, Bangladesh’s capital. Khan quickly abandoned his musical ambitions to pursue his career in international relations. His lone album, Members Only sold half a million copies. Khan, a Queens College graduate with a degree of computer science, has been a humanitarian all over the world. He was inspired to work for UN in Asia by his encounters with poverty and human rights abuses. He lived in South Africa from the late 1990s to compose and perform music, and also got married and had a child. Khan has been able to build a loyal East Coast fanbase and perform (and sell-out!) over the years. New York’s hot spots include BB Kings and Iridium as well as Drom, Zinc Bar, Zinc Bar, and, most recently, City Winery. Many jazz heavyweights have been drawn to Khan, who is eager to assist him in his live performances and create his recordings. Khan is eager to take his brand new music on the road and bring an unforgettable show to all venues. from

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