RGG is arguably one the most well-kept secrets in the international jazz scene. One is their latest album and a shining example of their excellence. Since their debut at 2002 Bielsko Jazz Blizzard Festival, they have been drawing attention. This festival is one of Europe’s best jazz festivals. Over the past decade, there have been many great trios with amazing ideas and outstanding efforts. When both groups release an album, there are often comparisons between RGG and their countrymen. In this instance, however, the Marcin Wasilewski Trio is at the forefront. The difference lies in the production and compositions. RGG has been able expand their sound and take listeners on many journeys throughout their careers. I don’t think MWT has done the same. I am referring to MWT’s more contemplative approach. RGG continue to experiment with each record (loosely translated). from http://polish-jazz.blogspot.com

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