Richard Galliano

Richard GALLIANO, a French accordionist, was born in 1950. His father, an Italian accordion teacher, influenced him from a young age with European accordion music. At the age of 4, he began playing the accordion. He also studied harmony, counterpoint, and trombone at the Nice Conservatoire. Through the music of Clifford BROWN, he discovered jazz as a teenager. Galliano’s influence grew to include other styles of jazz music, including bossa nova and free jazz; Astor PIAZZOLA; tango and orchestral jazz; contemporary jazz to more traditional forms. To name a few, he collaborated with Jan GARBAREK and Miroslav VITOUS, Charles AZNAVOUR, and Ron CARTER. His music is flexible, creative, and expressive. It can range from dreamy melodic passages, to dissonant tone clusters. Moris Mateljan, 2011. Sources:

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