Richard Poole

Richard Poole is a musician, composer, and collaborator. Richard Poole is a composer, collaborator and performing musician. He also creates solo piano works. Richard also teaches the creative process in a collaborative environment. Richard graduated from Berklee in 1976 and moved to Miami in the 1970’s to study Music Composition (scholarship). Richard Poole first experienced Miami’s multi-cultural atmosphere and began to collaborate with musicians from around the globe. Richard Poole has collaborated with many of 20th-century’s greatest jazz musicians, including Paul Bley and Jeff Palmer, Ira Sullivan and Bill Marcus. Richard has performed with many icons of 20th century music including Dezi Arnaz and Jackie Gleason as well as Bob Hope, Bob Hope, Lisette Almarez, Ronald Reagan, Robert Goulet Joanie Sommers and Roger Williams. He has performed concerts in the Northeastern United States and Canada, as well as Europe. Richard plays the piano, drums, and vibraphone. Recent album releases include collaborations with Lowell Davidson (Rediscovered Session 1988) and Patrick Battstone (“Mystic River”) on vibraphone. Mystic River is a small-scale, improvisational chamber jazz group that has performed intimately in the United States. Richard Poole’s work has a recurring theme: sharing the experience of creativity, collaboration and artistic dimension. His intent is, that through, such experiences, one can apply these methodologies/experiences to their everyday life. From

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