Rick Davies

Rick Davies is a composer/trombonist whose main focus is Latin jazz, salsa and Afro-Caribbean. Chico Manqueros, Latin Jazz Club Magazine, describes that Rick Davies is a composer/trombonist who works primarily in the fields of Latin jazz, salsa, and Afro-Caribbean music. He has worked with Tito Puente and Wayne Gorbea as well as Charlie Palmieri, Charlie Palmieri, Wyclef Jean and Arrow. Manny Oquendo’s Libre, Blondie and many other artists. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as around the globe. He has performed in Tokyo, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest, Amsterdam and Paris as well as Mexico, Colombia, Colombia, Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean. Salsa Nortena, his third CD, contains eight salsa and Latin jazz tracks. The bright, colorful, and irresistible collection is full of Latin grooves that are beautifully arranged. They’re also expertly, vibrantly executed with impeccable taste. Seven Days Magazine, Dan Bolles. from http://www.jazzismo.com/fr_home.cfm Born and raised in the south valley barrio of Albuquerque, New Mexico, trombonist composer Rick Davies had an early exposure to both jazz and Latin music. At the age of ten, he began trombone lessons and started composing jazz and classical music at high school. After graduating from University of New Mexico in 1973, Davies began performing and recording professionally. He was part of a variety of Tex-Mex and southwestern rhythm andblues bands that toured across North America. He has performed in many musical settings since he moved to New York City. He has performed with Blondie and Michael Jackson, Gloria Gaynor (Tony Bennett), Rosemary Cloonie, Rafael at Carnegie Hall, and Tony Bennett. Davies has been a frequent performer in commercial music as well as on the New York City club date circuit. He has also maintained close ties with the Big Apple Circus. He began a long-lasting association with Jackie Byard in the 1980’s and was a part of the Phantasies II album. He has performed on the Afro-Carribean, Latin jazz scene with Tito Puente and Johnny Colon, Charlie Palmieri and Skah Shah. He has performed at the Blue Note and Birdland, Barry Harris Jazz Culture Theater, the Latin Quarter, Copacabana as well as Lincoln Center in NYC, Jazz Alley in Washington DC, and the Lincoln Center in NYC. He has been Wayne Gorbea’s musical director for the past Decade. His responsibilities include performing, composing, or arranging music for the group’s recordings, including their most recent release, Cogele el Gusto, which is internationally acclaimed. Amazon.com

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