Ridina Ahmedova

She was born in Prague. Her father is Sudanese and her mother is half Czech, half Russian Jew. She was born in Bohemia, where she lived until the age of four. After that, she spent ten years in Oran (the largest port in Algeria). Since 1988, she has been living in the CzechRepublic. She sang professionally in jazz, which was her first musical style. She performed jazz standards for many years at various clubs. It was a great place to learn improvisation, intonation, and overall musical proficiency. She felt the need to find a more authentic expression in the unexplored sound landscapes. She collaborated with Tomas Dvorak/Floex to create the Pocustone CD, and performed live as part of the Floex project. She decided to finally do what she’d always wanted to: go on stage solo in 2003. For her solo project Hlasokraj, (Voicescape), she was awarded Discovery of the Year at the Next Wave Awards. This combined projections with live concerts. She released Hlasem (By voice) in 2006, and now she is often on stage by herself but mostly with Petr Tichy (Voice against Bass) in the duo HLAS Proti BAS (Voice against Bass). She is also the co-author of several theatre productions’ music. While recording music for many films, she was invited to guest as a musician. She has also worked with several other musicians. She has been invited to many concerts as a guest, and she even improvised with Bobby McFerrin in 2008. She is fascinated by the potential of the voice alone, without the accompaniment of instruments. She also leads voice workshops. She aims to give participants an opportunity to experience singing, without the need to make any aesthetic judgements. From www.hlasem.cz

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