Riga Groove Electro

Riga Groove Electro is a group of Latvian jazz musicians that are active as producers, composers, and exceptional instrumentalists in the field contemporary jazz music. RGE has released several studio recordings and given concerts at various international jazz and modern music festivals, including Jazz Kaar in Finland, Saulkrastu Jazz in Latvia, Birstonas Jazz in Lithuania, Saulkrastu Jazz-Lettu, Saulkrastu Jazz-Lettu, Saulkrastu Jazz-Lettu, Birstonas Jazz-Lithu, Don Chento Jazz-Russia, Jazz Globus, Israel, and Jazz Globus. RGE members actively participate in charity events, theatre plays, TV-shows, and intensive studio work. RGE is a group of musicians with similar musical ideas. They are eager to help develop Latvian jazz music and become professional teachers at various music colleges and schools in Latvia. RGE musicians also organize workshops in jazz and improvisation for young musicians in Latvia every year. Jolanta GULBE-vocals Deniss PAASHKEVICH- Saxophone, flute and bass-clarinet Madars Kalninsh – keyboard instruments Norberts SKRAUCIS- electro-bass guitarist Kaspars GRIGALIS- Drums from http://www.trafo.hu

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