River Cow Orchestra

River Cow Orchestra was formed at Cooper”s Landing, Missouri, during a Brother Iota concert. Don McCarter, our former bass player, was asked to replace Don Rolling, our guitar player. We also had Michael Lagrega, a violinist, added. C3, the band that we were opening for had many guys who filled in for regular members of the band. Brent Bowman and myself realized that we needed to find new people and start a new project in order to continue playing regularly. Ryan Jones, our regular bass player, was traveling quite a lot and Don R. was dealing with a new baby. We decided that Brother Iota would continue when its members were available, but Brent and I would begin, and he asked for a name. River Cow Orchestra was suggested by me because we had just seen a bovine floating in the flood stage river. We are now with Allan McGinty as bass, E. E. Pointer as trumpeter, Brent Bowman on keyboards, flute, and sax, Greg Field playing drums and theremin. from http://www.cdbaby.com

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