Riverside is a modern take on small group improvisation, while still evoking the dynamic ensembles of clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre. The quartet is co-led by Dave Douglas, clarinetist/tenor jazzophonist Chet Doxas and a rhythm section that includes Steve Swallow, bass (an ex-member of Giuffre’s famed trio), and Jim Doxas on drums. Riverside combines a love of improvised music with bluegrass and Appalachian music to create an aesthetic that is rooted in Americana/jazz. Douglas and Doxas created new music to honor the inspiration of Giuffre, and they want to express their gratitude and respect for him. The group can also emphasize original compositions thanks to the piano-less arrangement. Douglas and Doxas shared an interest in Jimmy Giuffre. Douglas had worked previously on charts for a Giuffre-inspired project, but these were never recorded. Doxas, Douglas’ Director at Banff Centre, invited Doxas to join them and discovered that their mutual interests were a match. Doxas says, “The name Riverside is the image of the music that we both brought to it.” Douglas adds, “The name references nature–like standing in the mud down by the river–that relaxed and organic quality in folk music and improvisation.” from www.greenleafmusic.com

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