Robert Crumb

Robert Dennis Crumb was born August 30, 1943. He is often known simply as R. Crumb. He is an American illustrator and artist, best known for his distinctive style and subversive, critical view of American culture. He currently resides in France. Crumb is an avid collector and preserver of 78-rpm phonograph records. He has more than 5000 records as of 2004. The Swedish record company Bakhall issued a selection of 24 songs from Crumb’s collection, Gay Life in Dikanka – R. Crumb’s Old-Time Favorites, on CD in 2000. Crumb painted the cover. The collection was used as the source for Hot Women – Women Singers from The Torrid Regions Of The World in 2003. It also included his compilation of world music, including music from Mexico, Turkey, Burma and Tahiti. The 24 tracks, except two, were recorded between 1927-34. Crumb hosted a BBC radio show featuring his favourite records. He produced three albums and a limited-edition 12″ 78 rpm album with his band R. Crumb in the 1970s.

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