Robert Finley

Finley, who lost his vision and had to quit carpentering recently, is a self-taught musician. He started writing his songs when he was 10. He developed his own unique style of playing by ear and it continues to be a great help to him today. He says, “You don’t always get the chords right. Sometimes you find a better chord.” It’s a never-ending learning process. I’m always improving and it’s never ending. I have been playing for 52 years. If you are satisfied with what you do, there is no room to improve. The main thing is that I had a great team to put this together. God has blessed me with the voice but the connections are getting my in front of the right people at the right time so that I can show what I have.” This team-player attitude has helped Finley resurrect his career. Finley used to play some R a few years ago.

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