Roberto Fonseca

Roberto Alain Fonseca Cortes, 29 March 1975, Havana, Cuba. Fonseca began playing the drums at an early age and then switched to the piano. His family was musical. His mother was a professional singer, and his brothers, Emilio Valdes, a drummer, and Jesus ‘Chuchito ‘Valdes Jnr. were professional musicians. Fonseca was a student at the Guillermo Tomas School of Music, Havana. In 1991, his teens, he performed at Havana Jazz Plaza International Festival. He attracted a lot of attention. Through the mid-90s, he continued performing at festivals, in concert, and at clubs, playing solo or in groups such as Temperamento and Agua Pura, where he was co-leader with Javier Zalba, the saxophonist. Fonseca is not only a Cuban musician, but he has also played extensively in Canada, Australia, Colombia and Australia. He has also visited Europe and received acclaim in England and France (playing live at the Agnes B fashion show in Paris in July 2006), Germany, Spain, Italy and the United States. The latter tour was with Augusto Enriquez with whom he recorded Cuando Yo Sea Grande. He has performed and recorded with many artists, including George Benson and Michael Brecker, Jose Luis Chico’ Cortes, AngaDiaz, Ibrahim Ferrer (with which he appeared international as the musical director for the 2005 Mi Sueno: A Bolero Songbook Tour), Herbie Hancock and Frank Emilio. Fonseca also teaches at the Cuban National School of Art. Fonseca has composed music for films as well as produced albums for Obsesion and Asa Feeston. From

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