Rodrigo Agudelo

Rodrigo Agudelo, a guitarist and composer, was born in Buenos Aires on August 23, 1983. He spent his teenage years in Bogota, Colombia. There he studied music and then went on to become a professional musician at the age 17. After moving to Buenos Aires, he began studying jazz with Ernesto Jodos and Pablo Bobrowicky. He also studied composition with Teodoro Crumbberg, Pollo Raffo, and Manfred Schwarzkopf. John Stowell, an innovative guitarist, taught him private lessons in May 2008. This influenced his musical thinking. His contemporary sound is grounded in the jazz guitar tradition, including Jim Hall and Grant Green, as well as Bill Frisell, Ben Monder and Bill Frisell. He also draws on rock and music styles from around the globe and the experimental avantgarde. Rodrigo has been a part of some of the most prominent names in Argentine creative music such as Sergio Verdinelli, Carlos Lastra and Sergio Wagner. He is currently a member of Pablo Basez and Juan Bayon’s ensembles, and the leader and founder of TBA Trio. With whom he participated in various jazz festivals in Argentina, Uruguay, and other countries. He is currently a member the Centro de Altos Estudios Musicales Musicas faculty (CAEMSA) since 2004. from

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