Rodrigo Domínguez

Rodrigo Dominguez, one of the most influential and active musicians in the vibrant jazz scene of Buenos Aires. On several occasions, he was named Argentina’s Best Saxophonist. He has performed and studied with some of the most renowned local musicians. He also took classes and participated in jam sessions (both Argentina u0026 the United States) alongside Wayne Shorter and Chris Cheek, Chris Potter and Tony Malaby. Berklee College of Music has awarded Rodrigo a scholarship to study in the United States. Dominguez is a participant in over fifty albums. It was one of the founders of Quinteto Urbano. This group has three albums and marks a change in Argentina’s music scene. As a soloist, he has directed the following projects: Tonal with Ernesto Jodos piano, hammond B3 u0026 Sergio Verdinelli on drums; Rodrigo Dominguez quartet (with whom he recorded “Presence” -S–Jazz- and “Soy Sauce” -S–Jazz–); Boleros! Drop Dogs, a trio of contemporary jazz musicians that recorded the disc “Drop Dogs”, -S-Jazz- and which was sung by Maria Ines Maddio. Also features the legendary American bass Mark Helias. He also recorded “parallel” discs with Marcelo Coelho, a renowned Brazilian saxophonist, and “Spaghetti Jazz”, a collaboration with Enzo Rocco, an Italian guitarist. He is currently involved in the following projects. Mariano Otero Quintet u0026 Orchestra, Juan Pablo Arredondo Quintet. Fernando Tarres. Lucia Pulido, La Raza. Santiago Vazquez, Juan Pablo Hernandez Quintet. Sextet Hernan mandelman. Dominguez is a teacher and has led workshops in Brazil, Europe, and several provinces of Argentina. Dominguez teaches at School of Popular Music “Leopoldo Marechal”. Since 2006, he has been a teacher at School of Popular Music and is focusing on teaching improvisation to groups of different levels. Gonzalez Reeds and Aizen mouthpieces sponsor Rodrigo Dominguez.

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