Romain Pilon

Romain Pilon was born in France. He began playing the guitar when he was 10, inspired by AC/DC’s lead singer, Angus Young. Romain began his studies with several private teachers in his hometown, before he entered the Jazz Conservatory of Chambery. After auditioning for Berklee College of Music he was granted a scholarship. He moved to Boston where he studied for four years with top musicians such as Joe Lovano, Hal Crook and Dave Santoro. Romain received 3 Berklee College music Awards during his studies. In 2002, his quartet performed for Pat Metheny. This was the opening act for the entire school’s guitar department with over 1000 students. Romain performed Christian Scott’s first CD with Walter Smith III while he was in Boston. Romain received his Jazz Perfomance degree. He then moved to New York, where he performed with musicians such as Seamus Blake and Ferenc Nemeth. He has performed at many prestigious venues, including Jazz Bar (Edinburgh), Jazz Bar (London), Jazz Bar, Jazz in Marciac and Jazz a Couches. He formed the David Prez/ Romain Pilon Band in 2004 with tenor saxophonist David Prez. They have released two CDs to critical acclaim to date, “…perhaps one of the most sincere, enthousiasthic, jazz groups to emerge from France” Jazz Magazine-Jazzman. He is now a member the Paris Jazz Underground collective. This group consists of six independent musicians who work together to promote their music. Their last album was rated the highest by Jazz magazine (Choc). In April 2012, he released his first trio record with a leader, recorded in Ny with Colin Stranahan and Matt Brewer. It was one of the 7 Jazz magazine’s “Chocs” (highest rating) and also one of the 6 Jazz News August 2012 best albums. His new album, “Colorfield”, was released in October 2013. Walter Smith III plays tenor, Jamire Wilkins on drums, and Michael Janisch on bass. Colorfield received 4 stars in Jazzwise, the FInancial Times and was also listed as one of the top 6 albums on Jazz News. from

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