Ron Davis

Ron Davis, a highly-acclaimed pianist and composer, is able to seamlessly switch between musical genres, projects, influences, and has become one of the most unique, entertaining voices in jazz today. Ron has a vibrant career and is active in the jazz scene worldwide. He also has several international tours that have been a success. Although he cites the piano greats Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum as his inspirations, his unique style of playing is his own. Ron is a rare combination of a pianist who can play the piano and entertain. His ability to connect with people and read their emotions is what makes him a unique performer. He creates a rich musical mix that will keep listeners on the edge. Ron might play Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, classic Tatum, or Jimi Hendrix on any given night. It’s a wonderful mix of experimental and instrumental music that makes for an unforgettable night out. To international critical praise, Ron has released nine full length recordings. Blue Modules, his eighth title, was released in 2013. It is an experimental project that explores pop and post-modern music. Symphronica was his innovative jazz-syphony fusion album. He was recorded with John Morris Russell in autumn 2013. After his early studies at The Royal Conservatory of Music, Ron studied with Darwyn, a student of jazz legend Peterson and David Saperton, a classical great (and George Gershwin’s brother-in law). Ron received the Japan Foundation’s Uchida Fellowship in the Performing Arts in 2005. He also held the position as Visiting Scholar at Tokyo Hosei University. Ron is a Past Secretary of the Glenn Gould Foundation, sits on numerous boards and publishes articles about music, law, and linguistics. He also practices yoga when he’s not performing for audiences all over the globe. Ron is married to Daniela Nardi (an Italian-Canadian singer-songwriter of jazz pop), who was awarded the Espresso Manifesto record. They call Toronto their home. from

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