Ronnie Burnett

Ronnie “Ronnie B” Burnett started steppin’ Chicago style in 1976. Although he now lives in Atlanta, he moved to Chicago in 2003. Ronnie B began his poetry and early compositions in order to pass his knowledge on to his children. He taught them about the streets, but didn’t tell them. “I used to write poetry, and I wanted my children to be aware of what was going on in the streets. I would write raps for them as they were small and perform them at family functions. Ronnie B. says that he started writing more for himself as they grew older. He started to dabble in poetry, but not for the purpose of writing music. Ronnie B first heard his music on radio and in clubs was in 1999-2000. You’ll be able to recognize that there are songs you can step to. However, Ronnie B doesn’t always create his songs for steppers. According to Ronnie B, his music is influenced by how he feels. He is an unsigned artist and has complete freedom to write what he feels. “I write positive stuff. Ronnie B stated that a lot of my music is about love. Ronnie B said, “I try to keep it positive. Since I stepped and like to step, a majority of my music has a walking vibe to it but you can also listen to slower songs that are just as slow.” Ronnie B calls his music R

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