Rubén López Fürst

Ruben Lopez Furst is a legend in Argentina’s jazz scene. He chose to stay in Argentina and establish himself as a musician, which was a departure from his counterparts Lalo Schiffrin or Gato Barbieri. Despite Argentina’s inability to support many acts at that time, Furst performed for more than 20 years with his own band. Jazz Argentino en la Universidad captures some of Furst’s best years in the jazz scene. This album is a combination from Jazz Argentino en la Universidad and Jazz Argentino en la Universidad. It’s a live performance recorded at the Universidad Nacional de Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina. These albums showcase Furst’s versatility and ability to move from jazzy piano numbers to hot jazz to moods more Bill Evans-like. Furst’s style is typical of an Argentine pianist. He has moments of melody and then moves on to ferociously stylized improvisations. Jazz Argentino en la Universidad, a collection of original compositions as well as interpretations of famous works, is a remarkable collection that captures Furst’s incredible skill as a pianist and honors one of Argentina’s most talented jazz musicians.

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