Russ Freeman (piano)

Russ is most remembered for his work alongside Chet Baker. Many of the tunes Russ wrote for Chet were played by him. Russ Freeman’s uniqueness stems from both a deep respect for tradition and an intriguing way of sharing his musical thoughts. Russ Freeman’s music can be described as one of very few improvisers who each note is important. If you take any out, there would be a noticeable gap in his musical performance. Russ is part of a smaller group, the jazz composers. He is not content with a simple line of chords or easy progressions. It’s a piece that is original in concept, mood and harmony. Russ can sound a bit serious if all of this is the case. His music is filled with humor, a sardonic rather than the baggy-pants type of humor, but it’s a very distinct humor nonetheless. – Pete Welding from

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