Ryan Conger

Ryan Conger is an active performer and music educator. He also works as an audio engineer and producer. His expertise lies in the Hammond organ and synthesizers. He has a Master’s degree in Music Technology from Southern Utah University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies at Utah State University. He is also an adjunct professor at Utah State University, where he teaches music education and jazz piano. He also teaches music technology, radio broadcasting, and performance at Fast Forward Charter High School, Logan, Utah. Ryan Conger has been a performer at many prestigious international jazz festivals, including Vienne, The Montreux and Umbria Jazz Festivals. Talia Keys and the Love Mountain Boogaloo and Earthestra are just a few of the many Utah-based bands that he performs with. Ryan has recorded, produced and performed on several critically acclaimed studio albums. These include: We’re here- Talia Keys u0026 the Love (2018), Water Grits Green 2017 and (2016), Earthestra- Ryan Conger (2016) and The Legendary Joe McQueen Quintet (2014). He also wrote the original soundtrack music to the documentary film A Tale of Two Totters (2010). Ryan’s most recent album, Spacecaseace u0026 The New Fang Dangled is an audio-centric visual exploration of story telling. Ryan recorded in Varanasi (India), the Canary Islands and the United States. He collaborated with vocalists and instrumentalists from all over the globe. His unique mix of electronic music and sci-fi influences combined with a variety of styles and genres created a vision of a multi-media concept album. Spacecaseace and The New Fang Dangled is set to be released Fall 2019. from https://ryanconger.com

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