Bugge Wesseltoft, a Norwegian pianist who won an award, longed to be a part of a trio. He was a strong advocate of European jazz as an art form (Quote Wesseltoft), and longed for something that would express his emotions and musical expression. Magnus Ostrom, Dan Berglund and other innovative European jazz musicians were invited to his party. Their groups e.s.t. The e.s.t. trio (esbjorn and svensson trio) as well as Bugge’s New Conception Of Jazz were three similar artists who created parallel music history that dates back to mid-90s. The two world-wide touring groups created a unique, new sound that was open to experimentation and forward thinking. It was a global music movement that inspired future generations. Wesseltoft, with Jazzland as his artist platform and record label, was an innovator in modernizing Scandinavian jazz music. The e.s.t. The e.s.t. group was the first rock band to perform

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