S-tone Inc.

S-Tone Inc. is Stefano Tirone’s primary music project. He is a musician from Milan whose first musical experiences date back to the 1980’s during the new wave era. His tracks were included in “Gathered”, and “Body Section”, both compilations published by Rockerilla. However, Tirone started his career as a producer in the early 1990’s. He alternates between house production and funky productions. S-Tone Inc. was founded in 1992 by Stefano Tirone. The track, Get freaky now, which received much appreciation in the UK, is one of the first examples of acid jazz music made in Italy, was influenced by the British acid music scene in the early 1990’s. Under the title Love Unlimited, his debut album was released on the Milano 2000/Ishtar record label in 1996. It contains the track Ainda Sonhar. This composition is considered the precursor to the nu bossa genre. It has been included in dozens of compilations around the globe. Cosmorama, a monothematic drum-and-bass project called “Space Odyssey”, was released by him in 1997. He refines his style through the release of the third album, S-Tone Inc., in 2002 on Schema/Ishtar. It’s called Sobrenatural. He collaborated with British and Italian labels such as Schema. Irma. Acid Jazz. Centrestage. He produced toco in 2004, a Brazilian artist with the goal of reviving the bossa Nova tradition of the 60’s with an updated style. Bonsai Music released Sobrenatural and Instalacao Do Samba from toco in France. He produced Luz y Sombra in 2004 with the help of musicians from Brazil and Milan. His intention was to go more acoustic than he did in the past and make a less frequent and discreet use of electronic. You can also access user-contributed text under the Creative Commons By–SA License.

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