Sam Coombes

Sam Coombes, a British alto saxophonist, is still relatively unknown in the United Kingdom. He is now based in Edinburgh, but he spent many years in Paris where he completed a degree both in philosophy and French. This allowed him to fully immerse himself in Paris’ jazz scene. Coombes was part of an acoustic group that Rob Chapman (a UK expat) led. They recorded two CDs, with the second, “Static Shock”, which was well received by both sides of the Channel. Coombes, now 35, has returned to the UK as a Lecturer in French at Edinburgh University in 2007. He recorded the music for “Outlines” in 2009. The majority of the album was recorded in Paris. It features Coombes’ current “French” quartet, Damien Argentieri (piano), Mauro Garciao (double bass), and Antoine Banville. Three of the 11 tracks feature his Edinburgh-based quartet, which includes pianist David Patrick and bassist Mario Caribe as well as drummer Tom Gordon. As a member of David Patrick’s International Jazz Octet, Sam participated in a short residency at Lyth at the end of May 2014. from

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