Sam Crowe

Sam strives to be a modern composer and improviser. He has a deep love of many genres of music and a desire for an inner truth that is universal to all of us. Sam was born in Bristol, and he spent the majority of his youth immersed in the drum and bass and trip-hop scenes. He was also learning classical piano at the same time. In 2001, he moved to London to study Linguistics at UCL. He then decided to study Jazz at Trinity College Of Music. He graduated in 2006. He was a touring musician, performing at venues like Coachella, Glastonbury, Sydney Opera House and other venues with such artists as Rosie Lowe (The Cinematic Orchestra), Rosie Lowe (The Invisible), Matthew Herbert, FATIMA(Eglo), Goldie, and Valerie June. He is well-known as a leader of a band and has been a prominent presence on jazz’s scene since Synaesthesia (FIRE 2010), his critically acclaimed debut album. Sam’s second album as leader of Towards The Centre of Everything (and debut WWR) features an album of original compositions and a mix of styles, epic colours, moods, and improvisation. It boasts a lineup of some of the most innovative and cutting edge improvisers around the globe. The album was recorded at Systems Two Studios in NYC in just two days. Crowe plays piano and Fender Rhodes.

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