San Francisco String Trio

Mads Tolling (violinist, two-time Grammy winner), Mimi Fox (guitarist, six-time DownBeat Magazine International Critics Poll Winner) and Jeff Denson (bassist, vocalist) have formed a new group called the San Francisco String Trio. The trio of dazzling virtuosos has created a unique and captivating mixture of passionate and beautiful music that spans every genre, from tango and funk to gorgeous ballads and fast-paced originals. The San Francisco String Trio is an all-acoustic ensemble that defies categorization. It provides a unique musical experience for its audience that is both moving and captivating. They have created The Sgt. The Pepper Project celebrates the 50th anniversary the Beatles’ groundbreaking album. The new album May I Introduce You by the trio was awarded four stars in DownBeat Magazine. It is now available in stores as well as on iTunes. Visit

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