Santa Diver

Santa Diver’s music penetrates the listener in many ways: at one moment a series of beautiful melodies build on one another; then a raft of digital effects lets loose an onslaught of overwhelming energy. All this can be compared to an adventurous and love-struck dream at the end of which–even if events were unpredictable–we awake refreshed and wanting more. The three musicians here had each loaned their talents to dozens of groups before finding a point in common where all could come home: something new was born, something with what appears to be inexhaustible creativity and energy. Luca Kézdy (violin) was born in Győr, northwest Hungary. She studied aesthetics and philosophy at the ELTE University’s liberal arts department. She placed in the finals in the first national Jazz Violin Competition held by the Hungarian Radio in 2006, where she won the Audience Prize. She has been playing with her band Santa Diver (a violin-bass-drum trio) since 2006, they gave concerts on the Mediawave – and Ultrahang – Sziget Festivals, Budapest Mol Jazz Festival, Jazz Showcase at the Palace of Arts and at the Hungarian Cultural Centres in Paris and Brussels. She is in more genres like jazz, free improvisation, pop and fusion. She played with several bands and musicians like Free Style Chamber Orchestra, Nigun, Zoltán Lantos, István Grencsó, Csaba Deseő, Frigyes Pleszkán, Ágnes, Tereskova, Varga János Project, 1724 trio (PL-A-H), Valerie June (US), Erik Truffaz, Laurent Blondiau, Alexander Balanescu. Beside of these bands she gives solo concerts and plays in different theatre productions. Dávid Szesztay (el. bass) David Szesztay (1978) is a multiinstrumentalist-composer from Budapest. In the last few years worked in several theatre and film productions and he plays in many different bands like Dav (guitar, vocal), Specko Jedno (el. guitar), Budbudas (keyboards) and of course in Santa Diver (bass). Zsolt Sárvári Kovács (drums) Zsolt’s musical style is heavily influenced by folk music (not only Hungarian), modern classical music (Bartók, Debussy, Stravinsky, Satie), and the New York Avant-garde scene (Joey Baron, Jim Black, Tom Rainey, John Zorn, Tim Berne). From 2004 to 2008 he lived in Rome, where he surrounded his self with open-minded young musicians In Italy I worked with a wide variety of bands: Borderlines Quartet (Martin Jacobsen-Cesare Saldicco-Roberto Raciti-Zs.Kovacs), Francesco Lo Cascio New Trio (F.LoCascio-Pino Sallusti-Zs.Kovacs) , Negyet Quartet (F.Zacchia – D.Grotelli – S.Cantararno – Zs.Kovacs), Giuseppe La spina Quartet , Francesco Diodati Trio. Since 2008 he’s been living in Budapest again. He continued the work with his previous bands: Dániel Váczi Trio, Quatrio,Quintrio; Grencsó Bio Kollektiva; Linda Kovács Quartet; Plastic Septet; Kada Ad Libitum; Eichinger Quartet; Ektar Sextet; Ernő Rubik Quintet and Santa Diver. from bandcamp

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