São Paulo Ska Jazz

Sao Paulo Ska Jazz, a Brazilian Ska Jazz band, was formed by musicians from the Sao Paulo jazz and pop scene. Marcelo Calderazzo, bassist and producer, was the band’s founder between 2007 and 2008. Their first album, titled “Sao Paulo Ska Jazz”, was released in 2009. MadButcher, a German label, selected them to be part of the compilation “V.A. SKANNIBAL PARTY VOLUME 10. Their sound has been compared with New York Ska Jazz Foundation, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Saint Petersburg Ska Jazz Review. The band shared the stage with Canadian singer Chris Murray and Tato Falamansa. It was seen in the following theatres and pubs in Sao Paulo: SESCs Pompeia and Consolacao. Vila Mariana and Osasco also performed there: Festival Expresso Jazz, Festival de Paraty and Festival de Inverno de Rio Claro. Wikipedia

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