Sarah Partridge

In the beginning…Singing to a karaoke machine while dared is not the best way for aspiring singers to start their careers. However, this is how Sarah Partridge, a jazz singer, got her start. Partridge, who had a busy and successful career as an actress, went to the Improv in Los Angeles to have a night out with her friends. Partridge was invited to join a karaoke competition by her friends. Partridge, who was a jazz fan, reluctantly agreed to participate in a karaoke contest. She eventually found an “elevators-only” version of “Summertime” and captured the attention of an L.A. booking agent, who assumed she was a professional jazz singer. Before Partridge could even say “help”, she was billed as the featured singer in a live jazz salute. It was not an easy feat considering she only knew ten songs. She was an instant success and has not looked back since that night. Sarah grew up in Boston, and went to high school in Alabama. She claims her dad is the reason she loves jazz. Sarah Vaughan was the only person Sarah heard in her home from the moment she was born. Sarah was singing “Lush Life” while the other children were singing nursery rhymes. Partridge was also interested in acting from a young age. Partridge enrolled at Northwestern University to study Theater. Partridge received her degree in Theater and she continued her studies in Chicago. She landed her first film role opposite Tom Cruise in “Risky Business.” Partridge then moved west to Los Angeles, where she began acting in film roles as well as voice-overs and commercials. Partridge was frequently seen as a cartoon hero. Partridge was a regular guest star on many sitcoms, TV shows, and soap operas in the late eighties and early 90s. Then came the night at the Improv. Partridge’s old dream was rekindled and she quickly shifted her focus to music. The story continues… Sarah is currently living a bicoastal lifestyle and has been seen entertaining people at many east-coast spots such as Delmonico’s, The Hideaway in New York, Delmonico’s, The Jazz Standard, and Delmonico’s. Catalina’s bar is one of the best L.A. jazz spots.

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