Satanique Samba Trio

Grimoire folk. You could call it Faustian world music. Satanique Samba Trio’s incredibly acidic, hallucinogenic intellectual foo folk seizes the attention of the listener and is “satanic” because it defies Brasilia‚Äôs pugnacious conservatism in traditional samba music. It is a complete chaos of music culture. The diabolical trio of samba samba singers is dissonant and resentful of traditional aural beauty ideas and contemptuous towards those who would limit the reign of creativity. But they are not chaos, even though they strike with such force. It is precise, but flows like lava and mercury. It is beautiful in its majestic beauty and satanic. This is art libertarianism at its best. Satanique Samba Trio’s songwriting skills and performance abilities will challenge your spirit. These songs will match your blow for blow, and they move with such grace und hypnotic power. Satanique Samba Trio is a message from the void inside of us. It is a musically evolving phoenix that rises from hot, scorching ashes to raise you up as a sacrifice for jazz, folk, prog and math music… it is a hymn to brilliance. from

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