A trio of improvisers, whose name is a reference to the Buddhist title Satori (a moment of enlightening presence away from the clutter and thought), sees Josephine Davies (boss) and Paul Clarvis(drums) collaborate in an album of original chordless music. Josephine Davies’ diverse artistic journey includes classical saxophone quartets, line-ups, and key involvement with larger ensembles like the Pete Hurt Orchestra or as resident composer and tenor with the London Jazz Orchestra. This partnership, which was founded on a memorable live performance at London’s Iklectik creative venue, is based on Davies’ deliberately minimal writing. It is based around key center and not prescriptive harmonic sequences. Josephine explains that the resultant, fluid chemistry between these musicians of in-the moment music making is fascinating to explore. “Dave u0026 Paul make it their own very quickly – their creativity and spontaneity constantly bring something new, so the trio can move forward with great ease.” There’s something very appealing about this sense of space. It allows you to freely explore ideas without the need for a harmony instrument. The saxophonist’s melodic wellspring creates the most freeing, often intoxicating expressions slow-burning lyrics and exuberant sounding joy. Bandcamp

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