They have performed thousands of gigs around the globe since 1971, sharing the stage with Charles Mingus and Bob Marley, The Mahavishnu Orchestra (now The Soft Machine), Collosseum II, Elton John, and The Soft Machine – just to name a few of the most well-known artists in the world. Jerzy Piotrowski, Apostolis Anthimos and Jozef Skrzek were the original members of SBB. They were the first Polish band to perform at the Roskilde festival in Denmark (1978). Over a dozen albums were recorded in Poland, Germany and Czechoslovakia by the band. Many of these albums, including “Pamiec” (1975), “Welcome”, (1978), and “Memento Z Banalnym Tryptykiem”, (1980), are among the most important progressive rock recordings made in Europe. The musicians have worked with many legends of Polish rock (Czeslaw Niemen and Halina Frackowiak), as well as the jazz scene (Tomasz Stanko and Tomasz Zukalski) since the beginning of their careers. SBB are widely regarded as the most popular rock trio in Europe, and even beyond. The band returned to the stage after years of hiatus, and later joined forces with Paul Wertico (ex Pat Metheny Group), who would take over as Piotrowski’s drummer. The band continues to record and performs regularly. Jozef Skrzek (key and bg) is joined by Apostolis Anthimos and Jozef Skrzek in the studio and on stage by a variety of talented guest drummers from both Polish origin (Irek Glyk and Krzysztof Daziedzic) as well as international origin (Paul Wertico and Gabor Nemeth, ex-Locomotiv GT and ex-Skorpio). SBB gigs showcase a wide range of material from the band’s long, fruitful career. They are enhanced by Skrzek’s masterful solos on the analogue Minimoog synthesizer and fresh improvisations. The group is always able to grab an audience in large venues or at open-air festivals. In 2006, the band was supported by Marillion! From http://sbb–

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