Scott Clark

Jazz is too tranquil in its form. Scott Clark is a pattern-maker, time-keeper, dance leader and organizer. He is a dynamic and unique drummer who takes his music to all levels. Clark was born in El Paso Texas and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. He performs in a variety of duos, solo performances, and in groups around this remarkable, tight-knit musical community. Clark’s voice is clear and distinctive, a visionary and intuitive presence, calm and wild at the same time. Clark has been touring with Natalie Prass for the majority of 2015. He keeps up with her effortless music and sense of adventure through Europe’s festival circuits and at well-known venues such as Radio City Music Hall. His contributions in this context of rock and roll are immediate and transformative. Matthew E. White described White’s skill as “a unique combination imagination, courage and technical mastery that allows him to apply his rhythmic sensibility to another set or strikeable instruments.” His ScottClark4tet debut album, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee on Clean Feed Records is a remarkable compositional achievement. It contains a poignant suite of protest music, which is informed by his native heritage. Jazz music for living, jazz music from life. Clark is a warm and welcoming person who runs the game with a deep rhythm and keen melodic intuition. from

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