Scott Dubois

Guitarist Scott DuBois’ (b. April 27, 1978) music is described by Jazz Times as “fascinating”, by Cadence Magazine as “exceptional…faultless, a perfect gem” and by AllAboutJazz New York as “captivating music for the meditative thinker”. Two CDs were recorded by him and David Liebman for Soul Note’s historic record label, Monsoon (2006) and Tempest (2007). One CD was released for Sunnyside Records, Banshees (2008). He was also a semi-finalist in 2005’s Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition. His quartet has performed at numerous jazz/improvised music festivals throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, as well as other groups, including in Spain, Sweden, Spain and Ireland. Scott has performed with Chris Potter, Tony Malaby and David Liebman. New York City’s Downtown Music Gallery called Scott “one the most adventurous guitarists in New York City.” Spain’s largest jazz media source calls Scott “one the greatest modern jazz guitarists.” Thomas Morgan, a New Yorker, plays acoustic basses, while Kresten Osgood, a Copenhagener, plays drums. The group has received critical acclaim from publications throughout North America and Europe such as Downbeat, Jazz Times, AllAboutJazz-NewYork, The New York Times, Jazzman, Jazzwise, Jazz Podium, among many others, for Scott DuBois’ unique, forward-thinking compositions with an intense focus on group improvisation, interaction, dynamics, and the unpredictable from

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