Scott Fields

Scott Fields was a Chicago teenager who sang and played guitar. He also wrote songs for blues and rock bands. Fields became interested in avant-garde music and New Music early on. This was due to his exposure to musicians in the Association for the Advancement of Creative Music. It was located in the South Side neighborhood where Fields was raised. Fields founded the trio Life Rhythms at the age of 17. He played guitar, clarinet and tenor saxophone. The group disbanded two years later. Fields continued to freelance for the next few years, but he did not participate in any of the established ensembles. He then stopped performing and moved to Madison (Wisconsin), where he studied composition and music theory at The University of Wisconsin. There he also studied jazz guitar with Carl Michele and Roger Brotherhood. Fields returned to full-time musician work several years later. Fields has toured across North America, Europe and Asia as both a leader and sideman. As a leader, he has released 30 CDs. Fields moved to Cologne in Germany in 2004. Fields is focused on two aspects: music composition and performance. The first is creating structures that blur the line between notated and improvised musical compositions. Another focus has been the creation of new rhythmic and total organizations for both notated and improvised musical pieces. As a performer and composer, his most common settings include the Scott Fields Feartet (a string quartet where an electric guitar replaces one violin), an acoustic guitarist duo featuring Elliott Sharp, a trio with Stephan Rath and the Scott Fields Freetet (a free-jazz trio) and the Scott Fields Ensemble, which presents instrumental versions Samuel Beckett plays. Fields will present his modular compositions when logistics permit with the Scott Fields Large Ensemble. from

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