Scott Reeves

Scott Reeves, a trombonist and alto flugelhornist, composer/arranger, author, and educator of college jazz, is Scott Reeves. He is a Chicago native and attended Indiana University, where he earned his B.M. He earned his B.M. in trombone and his Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies from Indiana University. in jazz studies. He has been studying improvisation with Woody Shaw, Kenny Werner, and David Baker; arranging with Mike Abene, Jim McNeely, and Manny Albam; and trombone playing with Lewis Van Haney, Thomas Beversdorf, and Dennis Smith over the years. Scott has been teaching jazz at universities since 1976. He is currently Professor Emeritus at The City College of New York. Scott has previously held positions at The Juilliard School, Western Washington University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Memphis State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Memphis State University. Scott is an active participant in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop, NYC, where he presents workshops and concerts all over the United States, Canada, Japan and Italy. Scott’s latest recordings include the 2021 release by The Alchemist, and the 2018 release by the 17-piece Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra “Without a Trace”. His other recordings include the 2016 Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra album “Portraits and Places”, the quintet recording of “Shape Shifter”, which features Rich Perry, and “Congressional Roll Call” featuring Bill Mobley and James Williams.

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