Scott Wallingford

Scott Wallingford is still learning the nuances of bass playing. I am always looking for new ways to play the bass and trying to find new ideas. ******************************************************************************* San Diego Troubador review of my debut solo album “Mostly Blue.” Scott Wallingford, an Imperial Beach bassist, explores quite a lot of territory in his debut album “Mostly Blue.” The opening drum beat of “One Shade of Blue”, which is the first track on the disc, immediately establishes the jazz credentials of all the musicians. As the song progresses, guitar, bass, trumpet, sax and sax play together, in harmony and as soloists. Each player can be very creative with their improvisations, but the arrangement also allows them to work together clearly and precisely when it is time for the ensemble. While “Blue Shoes (No Suede”)” follows the same approach, Wallingford and his team manage to create an entirely different atmosphere. They slow things down with “Off Blue”, a New Orleans-style song featuring a melancholy melody on trumpet and sax. However, the next songs pick up the pace. The album’s final song, “Another Shade of Blue,” brings it all to a close. The album’s final song, “Another Shade of Blue,” wraps up the proceedings nicely. This album’s real beauty is the way that these musicians are able to find something unique and interesting within their musical boundaries. They don’t feel limited by their musical preferences, but rather enjoy them. Wallingford is a well-rounded bassist. Wallingford’s tone is clear and fluid, no matter if he is setting the groove or going on an agile flight of fancy. He is a great band leader, and he gives the spotlight to his musicians many times. Burnett Anderson, guitarist Robert Sebastian, and Tim Nunnink are just a few of his accompanists. They all have excellent jazz chops whether they are creating a groove or improvising solos. This album is fresh and raw, which lets you know it was more than just produced. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************* Look for two of my songs, “One Shade Of Blue” and “New Blues” in Micheal W. Dean

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