Sean Sonderegger

Sean Sonderegger studied composition with Anthony Braxton and David Behrman. He also studied composition under Paula Matthusen. Andy Laster, Ron Kuivila, Andy Laster, Andy Laster, Roy Nathanson, and Paula Matthusen. He has performed with Roy Nathanson extensively and is featured in his 2009 album Subway Moon (Enja/Yellowbird Records). His compositions were performed by the Roy Nathanson Sxophone Quartet and loadbang. Sonderegger’s Magically Inclined group is composed of musicians he played with in Butch Morris’ ensembles, Harvey Valdes and Joe Hertenstein. Greg Chudzik, composer of A Visit’s music, has been performing in Sonderegger’s various groups since 2007. He is also active in the NYC music scene. Since 2007, Sean Sonderegger has been part of various projects with Curtis Fowlkes, including Catfish Corner. Roy Nathanson commissioned the compositions “A Visit”, “We’re Born”, “Crown”, and “Eat the Air” for a series of music at NYC’s the Stone. Joanna Cooper’s poems are featured in the compositions. Sonderegger’s music combines elements of collective free improvisation and highly composed material. This is a result of Sonderegger’s extensive study of musical traditions, as well as his experience working with Roy Nathanson, Adam Rudolph, and Anthony Braxton. The ensemble has performed with Charlie Haden and Henry Threadgill, Charlie Hunter and Bill Frisell. Sean Sonderegger-Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet Curtis Fowlkes-Trombone Kamala Sankaram (NYC), Areni Agbabian (LA)-Voice Harvey Valdes-Guitar Greg Chudzik-Bass Joe Hertenstein-Drums, Percussion from

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