Sebastian Noelle

Since 2002, Sebastian Noelle, guitarist and composer, has been an active participant in New York City’s diverse creative music scene. He has performed at many venues including 55 Bar, Cornelia St Cafe, The Blue Note Jazz Gallery, Jazz Gallery and Iridium. Three CDs have been released by Noelle on the European FreshSounds-NewTalent label. “Across The River” (2006) features Donny McCaslin and Ari Hoenig. “Koan” (2011) with Loren Stillman and George Colligan. “Shelter” (2016) with Marc Mommaas and Matt Mitchell. “Shelter” (2016) with Dan Weiss. Noelle explores new ways to improvise using microtones, rhythms, and ragas from the Balkans. Noelle has performed at many prestigious jazz festivals, including Montreux, Newport, North Sea and Moers. He has also toured extensively throughout the US, Europe and Canada. He is a member Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, (2010 and 2014 Grammy nominees, 2013 Downbeat award winner in the big-band category), the Aaron Irwin Quintet, Jeff Fairbanks’ Project Hansori and the New York Soundpainting Orchestra. from

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