Sebastian Studnitzky

Sebastian Studnitzky, a trumpeter and pianist who is internationally acclaimed, has always traveled between electronic, jazz and classical music. He’s also a traveller in a geographical sense. Few instrumentalists his age have played in so many clubs and festivals around the globe. Studnitzky’s unassuming, yet virtuoso piano playing has been combined with his distinctive vocal-sounding trumpet sound to create light and compelling grooves. He delivers strikingly emotional melodies with stunning clarity. His eclectic background and open approach have allowed him to seamlessly blend a minimalist techno feel with sophisticated voice leading and inspired jazz improvisations. It is rhythmic, romantic, and aloof all at the same time. Studnitzky created Contemplate in 2012 as his own record label and network. He was instrumental in the creation of the XJAZZ Festival, Berlin, and he also served as its musical director. It quickly became Berlin’s largest jazz festival and revolutionized the German jazz scene. Studnitzky has been a professor at the Dresden University of Music since 2014. from

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