Shahin Novrasli

Shahin Novrasli, a jazz pianist from Azerbaijan was born February 10, 1977. Shahin Novrasli was conceived in Baku. Shahin Novrasli began his interest in music at the age of three. When he was five, his parents recognized his musical talent and offered him a fortepiano class in a school for musicians. Shahin was 11 years old when he performed in Azer Mustafayev’s concert at Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra conducted by Faig Mustafayev. At the insistence of his teachers, Shahin was transferred from this performance to a secondary music school. He won a contest for “young pianists” and performed solo at numerous concerts and festivals performing music by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff. Shahin devoted himself to jazz music and specifically to the Azerbaijani version, jazz-mugham. He was influenced by Vagif Mustafazadeh. Shahin was admitted to the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire named Uzeyir Hajibeyov in 1996. After completing his education in 2000, Shahin began serious jazz music, performing compositions by Chick Corea and Bill Evans. Shahin Novrasli, who composed “Sevda Shelalesi”, (“Waterfall of passionate Love”) and “1001 Gece” (“1001 Nights”) in 1999, performed national songs in jazz style. [2] Shahin Novrasli also released two albums during these years, and performed in Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Turkey. Shahin Novrasli has been a participant in international jazz festivals such as Caspian Jazz.

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