Sheer All Stars

The Sheer All Stars are one of the few contemporary jazz bands that includes the Yellowjackets and Pat Metheny Group. Their music is accessible and sophisticated and a rare combination in pop-jazz. The All Stars, a jazz supergroup consisting of musicians who record for Sheer Sound (a well-known South African label), are an exceptional group. Five of South Africa’s most well-known jazzmen are its members: Paul Hanmer, McCoy Mrubata the pianist, Errol Dyers the guitarist, Sipho Gumede the bassist, and Frank Pako, drummer. Each member is a leader in his own way. Two CDs were recorded by The Stars: one live and one in the studio. Their music can be classified as American pop-bop by the Yellowjackets, Spyro Gyra and Joe Sample. The All Stars combine a Western-style improvisation with South African melodies and rhythms. This band is more Americanized than many South African jazz bands. Their music has a relaxed, subtropical feel that is sure to be South African but not overtly so. All About Jazz

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