The Shibusashirazu Orchestra is a leading contemporary jazz group. It was founded by bassist Daisuke Fura in 1989 as a free jazz band. The orchestra is a multimedia jazz performance group that includes over twenty musicians. This includes many well-known Japanese performers like Hiroaki Katayama and Takeshi Shibuya (p), butoh dancers and modern dancers as well as theater actors and artists. All the music played by Shibusashirazu Orchestra is Japanese jazz pieces composed or arranged Daisuke Fuwa. With its energetic sound, lively dancing and acting, the orchestra puts on exciting performances. The audience is even more excited when they see large moving objects created by stage artists. In 1998, a twenty-meter-long dragon danced in front of the crowd. Shibusashirazu Orchestra can be described as a jazz orchestra that also brings together different aspects of modern Japanese culture. Its performances reflect the history of Japanese music, from the Middle Ages through the present. The group also includes musicians who play traditional Japanese instruments like shakuhachi, shamisen, and ryuteki (a type of bamboo flute). written by Teruto Soejima, Jazz Critic from

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