Shirazette Tinnin

Shirazette Tinnin, a drummer, was born and raised in North Carolina. Her sound is influenced by jazz, soul and many other genres. A highly sought-after drummer in New York City has performed recently with Alicia Keys on BET’s Black Girl’s Rock (2012). She was on tour with Tia Voller at the Umbria Jazz Fest, Molde Jazz Festival, and the Turkish Ambassadors. Additionally, she leads her own group, The Shirazette Exploment Core-Tet. Shirazette also collaborates with many other artists and is the resident drummer of the Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet. In all her endeavors, she strives to keep jazz music moving forward. Shirazette is a clinician, teacher and health coach. She also writes articles for Modern Drummer Magazine and Tom Tom Magazine. Shirazette is currently in the process of recording her debut album as bandleader and has been signed to Hot Tone Music. It will be released in 2013. Shirazette endorses Canopus Dtums and Sabian Cymbals as well as Latin Percussion and Beato Bags. from

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